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Our Black Belt coaches have decades of combined experience under their belts. You are in good hands at Tri-Valley Judo & Jiu-Jitsu

Our Judo Black Belts

Kevin Butler

Sensei Kevin
Head Coach / Program Director

Rank: Godan 5th Black

Sensei Kevin began judo at age 5 under his father Bill Butler.
Promoted to black belt by Willy Cahill and coached by Steve Siroy. An International Gold Coach for USA Judo for over 15 years he has lead US Teams as head coach or assistant coach in 15 Countries. Coach Kevin has coached two athletes at the Jr/Cadet World Championships and 5 athletes at the Pan American Championships Infantile/cadet.
Coach Kevin placed 7th at the 2022 Veterans World Championships in Krakow, Poland and was the 2020 BJJ Masters World Champion at the black belt level.

Fire Battalion Chief (Retired)
32 years of service.

Slav Dugenny

Year started: 1994 under Mits Kimura at San Francisco Judo Institute. Moved to train under Willy Cahill in 2000.

Rank: Nidan
Things I like about Judo: Judo makes me feel alive, and coaching gives me purpose.

Coach level: USA Judo – Continental

Profession: Biological Scientist

Tracy Butler-Holt

Year started : 1966 I began judo at the age of 6 under the direction of my Father Sensei Bill Butler.

Rank : Nidan

Judo allows me to help others develop mind, body, and spirit in equal proportions while teaching public morality, increasing physical strength and stamina. Watching the students as they advance and overcome their limitations brings me great joy. After all, their success is my success. Judo is in my blood.
Coach Level: USA Judo – National
Profession: Health and Fitness Industry

Jared Nakashima

When you started: 1986
Rank: Shodan – received in 2001

Favorite things about judo: Olympic sport practiced worldwide in over 200 countries.  Can be practiced by young and old, challenging the mind and body.  Judoka learn life skills through the Kano moral code: courage, respect, modesty, sincerity, friendship, honour, politeness, and self-control.
Some others things about you: Father of three (2 boys, 1 girl),

Profession: Hospital Pharmacist

Coach level:  USA Judo – National Level Coach

Vlad Kaminsky

Year started – 1983.
Rank – Nidan.

Favorite thing – A forever student and fan of judo who helps and motivates players of all levels to fall in love with the sport, improve their technical abilities, self confidence, and judo intelligence. Something about me: father of two kids.

Profession – Information Technology Leader.

Coaching Level – continental

Ernesto Eugenio

Judo Rank: Sandan
BJJ Rank: Blue Belt

In Judo, you will learn self confidence, focus, dedication, and leadership. All are valuable traits to develop throughout life.

While devoting my time as an athlete and coach, I’ve gained genuine friendships within the Judo community. Our goal at Tri Valley Judo is to teach young judokas lifelong lessons that they can implement in their future careers and life.

I have two daughters. Both of them are judokas. Practicing judo with my two daughters gave me a sense of fulfillment. It provided an opportunity to learn new skills. It remains the most inclusive sport for participants of all ages and varying abilities.

Profession: Real Estate Broker
Coach Level: Certified National Coach

Our Jiu-Jitsu Coaches

Kevin Butler

Head Coach/Program Director

Rank: Black Belt BJJ-5th Dan Judo

Enjoys combing his experience as a wrestler, and judoka to BJJ and teaches BJJ from an International Judo Coach perspective where he applies strategy and tactics to his teaching style. He holds nothing back and shares his many years of martial arts training with all of his students.

Coach Level:
USA Judo, International Gold

Profession: Fire Battalion Chief (Retired) 31+ years of service


2020 Masters Black Belt World Champion


Tony Alfonzo

Tony has been training and teaching martial arts for over 20 years. Tony holds a Brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and a Black belt in Krav Maga.

Tony is a certified defensive tactics instructor and has taught at the police academy. Tony has a passion for fitness and believes in conditioning as a self defense tool. Tony is level 2 CrossFit coach and currently teaches at a local CrossFit affiliate.

Judo Class Times

Tuesday & Thursday

5:00-6:00PM | Ages 7-9 Beginner
(5-6 Y/O on Waiting List, Contact Us)

5:00-6:30PM | Ages 7-12 Advanced

6:30-8:00PM |  Teen & Adult All Levels

10:30AM-12:00PM | All ages

Jiu-Jitsu Class Times

Mon - Wed - Fri

7:00-8:15AM | All Levels


4:30 - 5:30 | Beginner Teen / Adult
(Monday, Friday Classes Coming Soon)


Tuesday & Thursday

6:00-7:15AM | All Levels

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